What should I put in a photo presentation?

Putting together a photo presentation can be a deeply personal and meaningful endeavour, especially when it's dedicated to honouring a loved one. But how do you decide how many photos to include and what kind of photos to choose?

In this brief guide, Jesse our AV Technician shares his insights into creating a presentation that truly captures your loved one's life and essence.

Selecting the right photos: Select photos that offer glimpses into the love and warmth shared with the individual. Anything that could evoke a sense of connection or cherished memories. 

Quantity matters:  Aim for a selection of 50 to 80 photos. This range strikes a balance, providing enough variety to maintain interest without overwhelming viewers. 

Creating a meaningful timeline: Consider organising photos chronologically or thematically to enhance coherence and engagement. This will help create a cohesive narrative.

The power of reflection: As viewers journey through the photos, encourage them to share anecdotes and memories associated with each image. This interactive element fosters a sense of connection.

In the art of creating a photo presentation to honour a loved one, every photo is meaningful. By carefully selecting photos, and by striking a balance in quantity, you can craft a meaningful tribute that resonates with viewers and strengthens connection. 

Jesse Knaus, AV Technician, Pettigrew Family Funerals