What do I need to know about pre-planning a funeral?

Debbie Mace, our Pre-plan Consultant at Pettigrew Family Funerals guides you through your pre-plan funeral needs. She shares some information around a frequently asked question: "What do I need to know about pre-planning a funeral?"

I believe there are many advantages in planning ahead with a prepaid funeral. Not only can it relieve some of the emotional and financial stress on your family, it also gives you the opportunity to create your funeral, one that reflects who you are and what was significant to you throughout your life. A prepaid funeral is a written contract between yourself and Pettigrew, which details the funeral service you would like. You pay for your funeral now, and when the time comes, there is no more for your family to pay. The main benefit is that it locks the cost into today's price, saving you from inflation over the coming years. This could be anything from a few hundred dollars to thousands in savings. Many ask if their money is safe, and I want to put your mind at ease. Yes, the money you pay for your prepaid funeral plan is held independently, invested, and safeguarded until it is required, and it is not available to us until the funeral service is completed.

To find out more please visit: https://www.pettigrew.com.au/pre-plan, or contact us on 4951 1166