FAQ: Are there ways to lower the cost of a funeral?



We often get asked: 'Are there ways to lower funeral costs?'
Fortunately, yes, there are many ways to easily manage funeral costs. Below are some options to consider:
  • Cremation over burial:
    One significant cost-saving measure is opting for cremation over traditional burial. If you choose a cremation over a burial, this option would cost $3,880*. Not only does this choice offer a more affordable alternative, it also allows for flexibility in memorialisation. At Pettigrew Family Funerals, we understand the importance of honouring your loved one's memory in a meaningful way, regardless of budget constraints.
  • Choosing an affordable venue:
    When planning the service, selecting a venue can greatly impact costs. Consider choosing one of our locations or a local park over a memorial park or church. These options not only provide a serene setting but also help in reducing expenses.
  • Mindfully selecting coffins and caskets:
    Another area where costs can be managed is in the choice of a coffin or casket. Opting for a standard, lower-cost coffin rather a higher-range casket can result in significant savings. Additionally, foregoing floral arrangements on the coffin in favour of personal items can add a touch of intimacy to the service without extra costs.
  • Utilising personal resources:
    Involving family members who possess certain skills or resources can also help to lower costs. If you have a tech-savvy relative, consider asking them to help in designing service sheets or creating a photo presentation. Another option is hosting the wake at the family home, this can foster a sense of closeness and comfort while minimising expenses.
  • Exploring alternative service options: Finally, if it's the right decision for your family, a memorial services or a 'no service, no attend' approach can be considered. These options provide opportunities for remembrance without the extras of a formal service. 
Remember, while funerals can be expensive, there are options available to suit your budget.
At Pettigrew Family Funerals, we respect your choices and are committed to helping you navigate these decisions. We encourage you to honestly communicate your budget concerns to us so we can help you make an informed choice that still honours your loved one while managing costs effectively.
*For a comprehensive and up to date guide to the cost of our services, please visit our pricing page.