Introducing our Celebrants: Matt Nichols



Meet Matt Nichol's one of the celebrants here at Pettigrew Family Funerals. We asked him about his role as a Celebrant, and what he strives to achieve with families.

"I love what I do. I love being there to support families, to offer hope in what is often a very dark time.

For a lot of families, the first time I meet them is often the first time they've encountered losing a loved one. It's really important to be there for those that are in the room with us, but also to be there for the loved one that's passed; to understand what's important about that person's life - What were the highlights in their life? What were the precious memories that the family will always hold onto?

That's what we want to celebrate during a service. Some services, like families, are very different. You might have a real celebration style of service while other services are a bit more structured and are about honouring someone's faith. 

One of the things that I really enjoy about being there for families is that ability to connect with the family in the room, understand the importance of their loved one and the important things that they shared, so that the service really is all about the loved one that has passed.