How does your role make a difficult time a little easier?



At Pettigrew Family Funerals, our priority is to make a difficult time a little easier when families are going through the loss of a loved one.

Our Celebrant, Matt Nichols, shares a beautiful and personal answer on how his role makes a difficult time a little easier:

"I am a people person, first of all. So spending time with people, whether they're ecstatic about life or whether they're really hurting in life, both of those to me, are really attractive, and I enjoy spending time with people and doing all I can to help them in that situation. What I hope is that when I'm with a family, I can be myself and allow my personality, my gifts, my experience to really help that family. Other times the family's quite jovial and they really do want that life celebration style. So I feel, for me, on a personal level, it's digging deep. It's using what I have learned over many years, who I am as a person, the gifts that I feel that I have to really contribute to help a family really celebrate or honour or remember that person."

For more information on choosing one of our celebrants for your service, call: 02 4951 1166