How can Pettigrew connect me to a funeral I can't attend?

During times of grief and loss, being present for our loved ones is so important. However, different circumstances can prevent us from physically being there. 

At Pettigrew Family Funerals we record all of our services for those who can't attend the service. We have multiple cameras that capture what's happening through different angles.

Now, we also offer high-quality live streams that allow people from anywhere in the world to access a funeral service remotely.

During COVID-19, live streaming became a vital tool for maintaining connection. This was an accessible way to stay connected. Access to a funeral service from anywhere in the world means that with a simple link you'll be able to see what's happening on the screens and in the room through the multiple camera angles. 

Even in the absence of physical presence, we can still be there for one another.

... "and it's my pleasure to be able to offer that service to families." - Jesse, Pettigrew AV Technician